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Think of Someone

The classic phone box: a relic from the past revived to all its glory.

What can we do with modern web technologies, such as 3D and voice? Check this out and call real numbers for free.

Try the experience

Plumbing: the WebGL hackathon

How much do you think 3D is reserved for blue-chip companies?

The challenge

  • A client of ours thought websites can only scroll up and down.
  • We didn`t think a 3D website can be built in a day.

The response

Given an unusually short deadline and the feel like seriously challenging ourselves, we tried to showcase what a barebones 3D website could look like, without compromising SEO, accessibility and usability requirements, work on mobiles without draining batteries.

So we started. A brief look at competitors and their look-and-feel, a concept, the 3D model, some colours, a logo, some content, some tweaks. Analytics, dashboards and a domain registration. One (really) long day of work, and a 3D concept website delivered on time and... on challenge!

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Is 2015 the year of Immersive Web Design?

Technologies are ready: computers, mobiles, tablets. Billions of devices can now easily feature fascinating 3D scenes and animations in everyday websites and adverts.

The last few years have seen an explosion of 3D experiments, games, demos, using the latest web technologies, such as HTML5, WebGL and WebRTC.

Maybe the time has come, and the web we are used to see will pop into the third dimension in new ways?

We believe so.

Urgent or Important? Choose one!

At school we`ve learnt that things can be urgent, important, or both.
We learnt to draw a table with these metrics and prioritise our work accordingly.

Experience often suggests that things are just either urgent, or important, except when it`s too late, and the disaster is in progress.

If an idea is great, and is really set to change the world, it`s important, indeed, but not urgent.
In fact it may still need a lot of planning to succeed!

So many times we thought we need something "now!", because of the upcoming conference, the client presentation, the press...
Those are all very urgent, but if we are honests with ourselves, they aren`t as important.

It needs some time to realise, but last-minute ideas are unlikely to make a big difference to what we`ve already planned for years.

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