We are hiring

Success is not the goal: it`s a by-product of your best work

We are cool people and we do cool things! Want to join us?

You`ll love the use of advanced technologies, contribute with your own ideas, challenge the way we do things and be challenged at the same time.

Are you a junior? Don`t worry!
We all started as such except our CEO, who after a beer or two starts claiming he was born with super powers and wrote firmware for spaceships at the age of 3.
Obviously nobody believes him, but if you want to experience an easy-going yet highly productive environment with skills development taken seriously, read on.


Web Marketing, Analytics, Strategy, Social Media, RTB


JavaScript (Omniture, Universal Analytics, Tealium, DTM, Optimizely)


Web design (Mobile First, Responsive, Parallax, Interactive, Material)


JavaScript/Front-End (Ampersand, Angular, React, Flux, THREE.js, WebRTC)


Low poly (Blender, MAX, Collada, Sketchup, THREE.js)


Sales, pre-sales consultants with an implicit understanding of all we do :)


JavaScript/Back-End (Express, Hapi)

If you possess any of the above skills, please get in touch, let`s say hello!
We are happy to talk to permies and freelancers alike.

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