Immersive Web Design

Modern technologies enable websites to render high quality 3D models, scenes and animations.

Showcase your products as rich 3D models, so your visitors can have a closer look from their browsers, choose variants, colours and place their orders knowing what they buy.

Introduce your venues by letting visitors in and offering them a high-quality virtual guided tour.

case studies

Call Someone Today

The classic phone box: a relic from the past we revived to all its glory.

The challenge

Promote VoIP as a suitable web telephony offering.

The response

We built the first public phone box for the Internet. A place where casual visitors can call real phone numbers, just as most people did back in the XXth century.

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Plumbing: the WebGL hackathon

Is Web3D just for the top fortune companies?

The challenge

  • A friend of ours thought websites are just pages scrolling up and down.
  • We didn`t think a full 3D website can be built in a day.

The response

Given an unusually short deadline and a fascinating challenge, we tried to see what a minimalistic 3D website could look like without compromising SEO, accessibility and usability requirements, work on mobiles without draining batteries.

So we started. A brief look at competitors and their look-and-feel, a concept, the 3D model, some colours, a logo, some content, some tweaks. Analytics, dashboards and a domain registration. One (really) long day of work, and a 3D concept website delivered in less than 24 hours!

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As part of our standard offering, we look for opportunities to make discrete yet sensible use of 3D and build a distinctive web presence.

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